Creatrix Studios feature conscious, embodied, transformative ‘playshops’ for women, which facilitate innovation, novelty, spontaneity, and flow.  Through the invitation of play, these experiential sessions harness whole body wisdom as a resource for the creative process and evoke beauty, spirituality, and emotion.

Guided imagery, breath work, dreams, writing, collage, movement, mask making, improvisation, ritual, altar building, and solo performance are employed in a repertoire of playshops that strengthen identity, intuition, and artistic confidence.

The playshops are led by muse liberator Samantha Catalina Sinclair who delights in midwifing the creative process in those who feel blocked in order to free artistic expression and reinvigorate their lives with meaning.


The purpose of this playshop is to nurture a self-written solo performance from each participant over the course of eight meetings. In the safe womb of the studio, autobiographical story telling will be nourished into a fifteen minute solo performance to be witnessed by the group. The course is designed to strengthen creativity, voice, self-concept, self-esteem, confidence, and internal authority.


In this two day playshop participants will be invited to create a mask that reflects some aspect of their deep selves wanting expression. Tapping the well of imagination and metaphor of the deeper mind, artists will be guided to make and decorate a mask persona. Influenced by Carl G. Jung, Kaleo Ching, Debbie Ford, indigenous wisdom, and theater, mask making is approached as a means of self-inquiry and insight. Some might be called to make a mask of an idealized self, a Doppelganger, an inner goddess, or some disowned part hanging out in the shadow that needs healing and integration. We will conclude by using our masks in role play, dramatic enactment, movement, and storytelling.


Human beings are naturally creative and resourceful.  We are routinely called to respond with novel solutions; innovating, designing writing, thinking, and problem-solving on the fly. Our ingenuity led to the invention of the wheel, language, agriculture, the printing press, and the internet, catapulting humanity’s evolutionary advantage.

There is a growing cultural imperative to foster ever greater creativity as competition becomes fierce in a flat global community. Those who cultivate their capacity for creative adaptation will have the greatest opportunity in the current economy.

Our primary tool is the creative, playful, human mind.

In the West, children play and create art intuitively, then grow into practical adults who often renounce play. Yet play is how humans learn, experiment, and develop.

The arts, a form of play, have given rise to civilization.  Art and play are even integral to the development of our genes. These vital modes of creative expression evolve us individually and as a species.


Conscious community building and spiritual networking with other divalicious soul seekers. This is an opportunity to make new friends, allies, and associates and grow the Bohemian Goddess Tribe.