Creativity Coaching

Samantha Sinclair

I’m Samantha (Sam) Sinclair, a certified creativity coach, and my goal is to support you in your desire to lead a fulfilling artistic life.

Whether working on a specific project or developing the creative habit, coaching can foster creativity as a source of wisdom and power in your life.

My coaching system is designed to help you envision, design, create, optimize, share, and celebrate your creative work.

I will nurture your artistic identity, and together we will unearth a big, bold, Technicolor vision that is aligned with your core values, beliefs, and needs.

Work with me and you will become inspired to break through creative blocks and make art that satisfies your aesthetic sense and the demands of the marketplace (if you desire a professional art career).

My methods derive from positive psychology, cognitive science, systems theory, expressive arts, and theater. Click here to learn more about my experience, training, and philosophy.

Rekindle your creative passion and spark your artistic vision!

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