An engaging speaker on the neuroscience of talent, creativity and genius, Samantha Catalina Sinclair thrives on evoking ingenuity and brilliance from those around her.

Sam was mentored by a host of luminaries over the past 22 years, ranging from Cynthia Winton-Henry, Phil Porter, Riane Eisler, Susan Griffin, and Dr. Cloe Madanes, and studied with Sir John Cleese, SARK, Brian Swimme, and Dr. Eric Maisel.

She has received coaching from genius experts Michael Vance (who coined the expression “think outside the box”) and Robert Diltz on Walt Disney’s Imagineering model of creative thinking.

Drawing on her background as an actor, dancer, poet, and collage artist, Samantha founded Creatrix Studios in order to facilitate creativity, wellbeing, and community among women.

She is also the host of Shevolution, a weekly radio program showcasing women artists from the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • Master of Arts in Philosophy; California Institute of Integral Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Cinema; San Francisco State University
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach; Coaches Training Institute
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach; Robbins-Madanes Training
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; Hypnotherapy Training Institute
  • Certified NLP Master & NLP Coach; NLP & Coaching Institute
  • Certified WealthyMind™ Trainer; NLP & Coaching Institute
  • Caring Economics™ Leader; Center for Partnership Studies
  • Interplay Life Practice Program graduate
  • Dr. Eric Maisel Advanced Creativity Coaching Training
  • Certification in process, Creativity Coaching Association
  • Certification in process, Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches


  • International Coach Federation
  • Creativity Coaching Association
  • National Association for Poetry Therapy
  • Bay Area Women in Film and Television
  • Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches
  • Screen Actor’s Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists



Human beings are naturally creative and resourceful.  We are routinely called to respond with novel solutions; innovating, designing writing, thinking, and problem-solving on the fly. Our ingenuity led to the invention of the wheel, language, agriculture, the printing press, and the internet, catapulting humanity’s evolutionary advantage.

There is a growing cultural imperative to foster ever greater creativity as competition becomes fierce in a flat global community. Those who cultivate their capacity for creative adaptation will have the greatest opportunity in the current economy.

Our primary tool is the creative, playful, human mind.

In the West, children play and create art intuitively, then grow into practical adults who often renounce play. Yet play is how humans learn, experiment, and develop.

The arts, a form of play, have given rise to civilization.  Art and play are even integral to the development of our genes. These vital modes of creative expression evolve us individually and as a species.

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