Samantha was an answer to a prayer. I remember making a wish list for an upcoming event on creativity that I was hosting and on that list was “work with a creativity coach.” Less than a week later, I came across an ad offering creativity coaching from Samantha. I emailed her and she proved to be that Angel I was asking for. Sam has such a calming, grounding, reassuring manner. She helped put my inner perfectionist, saboteur and critic to rest and guided me back to my inner voice of truth numerous times. I’m not sure I would have been able to pull off my event and kept my sanity if it weren’t for my weekly calls with her. When I was feeling overwhelmed and lacking clarity, she guided me back to remembering my initial inspiration and intentions for the event. She was also brilliant in using her own creativity to help me problem solve issues that arose and even helped me organize my large to-do list into manageable action steps toward my goal. She repeatedly reminded me of the ways I was expressing my creativity in all aspects of planning and organizing the event. I would highly recommend her for any creative project you are involved with. With her background in the arts and her wonderful coaching skills, she will help you see it through gracefully from concept to completion.

Rosalyn FayFounder/Producer, True Colors TVTrue Colors TV

Samantha Sinclair is a gifted therapist, healer, and sacred woman. Samantha has a huge array of skills, abilities, and training experiences, which make her a grounded and wise counselor and coach to others. She also has a deep spiritual understanding, which both informs that work and makes her an inspired sacred presence for others. In both her professional and private spheres, she radiates the kind of energy and compassion that makes others immediately feel uplifted and soothed. The grace with which she has moved through her own journey with cancer is also profoundly inspiring, a testament to her inner beauty, resilience, and ultimate belief in the joy and power of living.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhDProfessor, Founding Director, Seven Sisters Mystery School

Samantha Catalina Sinclair is a love warrior, a wholly holy healer, an art maker, a joyous, practiced, deeply intelligent presence- a miracle worker. She is professional, organized, on track, on target, clearly articulate and a beautiful human being with deep, eternal intelligence. I recommend her counsel, her courage, her enlivening, soulful determined beauty as an advising presence in the on-going challenges of holy, human life.

Elizabeth BensonArtist, Author, Founder and Imagineer at Book Magic Press

Samantha is an excellent coach. She is a brilliant person, a great thinker, and is genuinely kind. She is passionate about helping her clients create decisions that serve their goals, is compassionate, and caring, yet demands accountability from her clients, which is crucial in a coaching relationship. I highly recommend Samantha’s skills, experience and expertise!

Victoria TheodorePianist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Performer, Producer

I immediately felt I could be completely honest with Sam. She is not afraid to stop me in my tracks when my language is self depricating and has me reframe my words in a more life affirming manner. She is an astute listener and asks questions instead of lecturing, which makes me do the work. She is also forthcoming about her own struggles and so I feel we are on equal footing. The difference is that she has come out the other side of the darkness and now rests in something quite wonderful and it comes through even on the phone. Her beingness is what inspires. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their issues, right where you are. I know she has the skill to support me in rebuilding my life after “losing everything”. Of course I haven’t lost everything but in another way, I am at square one. I am glad she is on the sidelines helping me through the muck.

Centa Theresa UhaldeCeramics and Print Artist, Poet

What I’ve loved about Sam is her ability to listen deeply, quickly tune into what I’ve needed in the moment, and play into my individual creative process (rather than overrule it with ‘her’ way), while also challenging me to reach beyond what I think is possible. She sees you from a whole being perspective. Putting your self-empowerment center stage, she brings a tremendous intuitive intelligence, curiosity and deep compassion to the table – a true and trustworthy accomplice for your journey. I highly recommend Sam to any creative person in need of loving support, soul stirring perspective and affirmation of your path.

Lone MørchCreative Catalyst, Photographer, Author